Anonomis Disses Cl Sessionz On The Control Remix



For those who dont know Cl Sessionz and Anonomis exchanged some tweets twoard each other on twitter. It all started when Anonomis stated hes taking shots on his mixtape and some artist arent even worth his pen and paper...Cl Sessionz replied back with Tweets taking him on his challenge shortly after that...Cl Sessionz posted a pic of a 1000$ dollars tweeting "Post the twit pics of those racks you rap about I really live this shit!" Cl sessionz then proclaimed hes also getting on the highly talked about Kendric Respopnse but his beef isnt directed toward Kendric Lamar it seems to be directed toward Anonomis and maybe some other people after Anonomis dropped the Control remix shortly after these twitter altercations...provoking the situation further stating in his track that Cl Sessionz is begging for attention on Twitter. Cl Sessionz is expecting to make a comeback track sometime soon Will this beef ever end? These two battled twice back in 2009 and there was alot of talk who won this between the 2..."What Kendric did was good for Hip Hop Global and Local its making everyone come with talent and not no bullshit." -ClSessionz

Cl Sessionz TV Interview




As Cl Sessionz ashes his Marijuana High Grade blunt, he coughs a series of strenius coughs, as he laughs and states "Its a cross breed mixture between Purple Kush & Mango Kush some of Orlandos finest." As we prepares for the interview hes elevating his mind with beats blasting through the earbuds Cl Sessionz is in his zone....With his mixtape Musically In Grind Vol. 1 only Days away apon release, Sessionz is still writing to New Tracks. "I already have my second mixtape already done as far as picking beats out and writing to them it just has to go through the recording mixing and mastering process,Im always beat searching though." He proclaims...Cl Sessionz got his first major buzz when he battled another Florida rapper Anonomis out of the City Of Deltona. Those say the battle between the two grossed 1,500 views in the first week exactly. Cl Sessionz lost the first battle to a very close head to head with Anonomis to later to have a rematch battle where alot of people said Sessionz redemned himself. "EVEN THOUGH I LOST THE FIRST ONE I CAME BACK SHOWED HIM IM NOT THE KID HE BATTLED AT MCDONALDS YOU NOW KNOW IM A THREAT....DEEP DOWN I THINK ANONOMIS IS BITTER ABOUT THE BATTLE EVEN THOUGH IVE SEEN HIM PLENTY OF TIMES." 


After that Cl Sessionz worked on a previous mixtape he was also calling "Musically In Grind but failed to be released due to poor quality and production...Later 2010 a year after the Anonomis battles took place Cl Sessionz did a legendary performance at a local Deltona barbershop which was a competition that landed him in second place...Ultimately rumors circluated that the competion itself was rigged for a certain contender to win it all...One performance has been salvaged to this day the Inkredible REMIX which ultimately got recorded Performed and a video made out of the event later in 2013 which changed the label to Inkredible 2013 Remix.....So whats goin on now? Cl Sessionz is about to Drop #MusicallyInGrind Vol.1 July 29th 2013 only a few more days away Sessionz Tv Producers caught up with Cl Sessionz for a sit down to ask him a few things.



44: "So after all these years you finally have a mixtape ready to be released how does it feel at this point?"

CL: "Its great man it feels real good whatever comes from this a deal and independent label a major or if I don sign to nobody and do it all myself its just a new avenue for me its something ive done for years! Now I wanna see if I can actually get poppin in my city and maybe try and motivated sourrounding cities in FLA to get back on their music shit."


44: "How old were you when you first began rapping and recording?"


CL: "Real young man shit...Like 13 I rapped off the Home Alone TalkBoy on cassette tapes over beats in the background then at age 15 I was using sound recorder as a better method to record u know I never had no fancy ass equipment as a kid cause I came from the struggle so I had to utitlize what I had to my advantage at that time."


44: "Where are you from exactly?"


CL: " Thats a question I dont know  if I can answer (hahaha) nahh, but I was born In NC moved 2 West Palm Beach FL at age 6 so by age 12 almost 13 I was in West Palm where I seen alot of things that a kid under 12 shouldn't really see then we came to Semonile County to later move to Volusia County Where I basically went to school and resided for a long while before finally coming back to the city life moving to Orlando FL"


44: "Youve Recently had alot of back and forths ensuing with FLYBOY DA GREAT What caused this beef in the first place?"


CL: "Thats a good question, well when me and Omarvelous where around each other heavy when he was on the run I was out visiting Deltona after moving to Orlando Id stay out there a week or 2 at a time to handle business, so we recorded 2 tracks that FlyBoy recorded for us thats on Musically In Grind..well later I made a FaceBook Status saying that nobody from Deltona Fl would get singed to a major label because its a rural area with nothing going on he simply got offended and thought I was referring to him I guess when really ive tried to get into the music scene out there and to be quite honest its merely none existent there is no local deltona hip hop strong movement compared to other fla cities so for a major to notice u chances are your going to have 2 be from a big city and then we started going back and forth on who was nicer and debating about the status I know dumbshit that only someone who has nothing better to do than to try debate with someone."


44: " Did it start out as rap beef or regular beef and did the both just coincide over time?"


CL:"What happend was he put out a diss track called Beat The Pussy Up...Mostly talkin shit rambling on and it had like 1 verse on it that was completely basic...Then when I make the funny videos clowning him he says " Im not trying to be a funny guy" clealry it makes no sense because the track he initiated was on that lets be a comedian fuckshit, So I Replied With Gatham City and I did no talkin only rappin and the song was like 3 or 4 mins long with bars...wait no before that I fired back with a freestyle Diss video and called him out to battle and he was talkin about putting up sponsors for 2 grand hes a rapper locally or not if you really do this shit 2 grand shouldn't be shit im a business man I dabble in numerous things,So people were saying I won between diss tracks and my replies he started talkin wreckless like wanted to fight or some shit, But I think its because his ego got deflated and his pride got hurt and his excuse was I threatend to shoot his house up but what his slow ass dont remember is that he already wanted to fight because I called his ugly wife fat in the diss tracks and the freestyle video...he said hed get my brother jumped and I said id shoot up he is crib IF HE DID THAT, but 




44: "Where do you guys stand as of right now?"


CL: "To tell you the truth when he got signed to some uknown label I couldn't even find on google I congratulated him just to show him im not a hater by any means even though from jumpstreet I said no artist would get a Major Deal in Deltona he got a Independent label Deal Which is not a Major but none the less I thought shit was resolved but I guess he likes gossiping like a female he got me blocked on facebook but hell go in other peoples inbox to holla at me hes a clown and "ID DISS HIS ASS AGAIN BUT HE WONT REPLY CAUSE IF HE WOULD HAVE KEPT GOIN BACK AND FORTH ON DISS TRACKS HIS UNKNOWN LABEL WOULDN'T HAVE SIGNED HIM ID OF RUINED HIS CAREER BEFORE IT STARTED AND I STILL GOT 2 RACKS THAT SAYS THAT SHIT."








Cl Sessionz is finally dropping the long anticipated "Musically In Grind Vol.1"

with a few guest appearances Cl Sessionz has alot of solo tracks rather than majority of features. "The reason this mixtape is called Musically In Grind is because it didnt matter what trials and tribulations I was going thru I put this out Recorded it in 2 different counties and now its ready to be dropped." 


The New single Featured on the mixtape "Got The Power is in rotation as we speak Cl Sessionz will be working on videos as well as setting up some shows around surrounding areas...Cl Sessionz Plans to jump into the studio again very shortly and promises he has alot more material to out due himself this quarter!